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You're on a mission to help people globally with online programs they can access and you can provide from anywhere.

Social justice is important. The health and happiness of our world is at stake, and you're here to bring unique solutions to the people who need them so desperately.

But marketing your program online is making you feel like a fish out of water. 🎣

We are here to give you faith that Facebook™ ads and social media marketing DO work, and they are the BEST methods of prospecting, re-targeting, and scaling your business today.

Amazing Case Studies

Sally Hendrick, CEO of Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC, has been advertising on Facebook for over 6 years, and with her 25 year background in customer and employee behavioral statistics and actuarial science, she knows how to play the algorithm game. Check out these amazing case studies.

Bela Gandhi, Smart Dating Academy

From TV personality to Internet stardom is not always a smooth transition, but Bela had done her homework and was prepared to take a chance to sell her programs online. In less than a week, she sold out her programs, taking in over $20,000 with about $500 in advertising.



Our client spent 5 months testing different scenarios until he finally hit GOLD!

With just over $10K in ad spend, he brought in over $75K in income for the same time period.

This client uses a combination strategy with brand awareness, lead generation, nurture, and webinar re-targeting ads as the bulk of his methodology.


With over 40,000 leads at under $0.80 per lead, this amazing fitness instructor uses high-quality imagery and videos to entice her students into her monthly online membership program.

Her methodology includes simple lead generation, nurture sequences, and periodic launches where the membership is open for a short period of time for enrollment.


Online conferences, lead magnets, courses, and onboarding launches are the foundation of this money coach's offerings.

With 4 launches over a 15 month period, this coach has added over $12,500 to his monthly recurring membership site income with $1,000 in ad spend per month.

That's a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 12.5 times.


Our clients know that Facebook™ marketing is a game of prospecting and re-targeting, from brand awareness to lead generation to nurturing relationships, then finally asking for the sale...and getting it!

Dr. Aisha Malik , MbChb, BSc, MRCGP

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

"Sally is knowledgeable, dedicated and caring when it come to teaching. Her meticulous knowledge of Facebook ads, and her ability to step into your shoes and understand your audience even if it is really niche means that you can't go wrong on her Facebook ads course. If you're not sure about your audience, Sally will help you find it.

I cannot say enough good things about Sally's mentorship. As someone with absolutely no tech experience trying to market unsuccessfully online with Facebook Ads, I found my audience, ran a ton of ads with minimal budget with her guidance and doubled the client base for my bricks and mortar business within a month.

I'm super excited now. As a result of the skills I learned, I am in the process of pitching a new idea within the healthcare sector, and it's getting lots of interest. I'm really grateful that I found Sally and would absolutely recommend her. She's the real deal!"

Sally Hendrick

Digital Branding Specialist

Sales Funnel & Facebook™ Ads Expert

"You better believe I'm going to give myself a great testimonial!😜 I've made myself a lot of money with sales funnels and Facebook™ ads over the last 6 years. Same goes for my husband's business in custom artisan furniture made from railroad materials.

I also fumbled over myself in the beginning because there were no courses to take at the time. I had to build my own using my 25 years in behavioral statistics experience as an actuary and my willingness to not give up.

My first love is in helping coaches, consultants, and info-preneurs truly make it in this world. There's no better time to start, grow, and scale a business using Facebook™ ads to do the heavy lifting."

David Jacobson

CEO of Coach-Connections

“Sally has helped my membership grow by over $18,000 per month in recurring income with her sales funnel consulting and Facebook ads services. 

My return on investment was over 30 times in my latest launch!

Before Sally, I worked with a couple other 'strategists' and was very disappointed in results. I spent a lot of money with basically no results over a four month period. Within two weeks Sally acquired more leads than the other 'experts' did in the several months combined.

Prior to Sally, 100% of my membership came from affiliates. I don't want to rely on affiliates, and in our last launch, we sold out capacity within 3 days of opening enrollment.”

Accelerate Marketing & Advertising 

We are so confident that you are going to love our team at Clean Slate Advertising that we will give you our Facebook™ Bluebook (a $250 value) at no charge just for having a discovery call with us after you take this free assessment. Just ask on our call!



Everyone has to start somewhere. Most people come to us as a student first because they do not have the assets they need to be able to readily advertise on Facebook™. That's why we first focus on getting your sales funnels and client onboarding systems ready for massive traffic before you ever spend a dime on advertising. This ensures better results and gives you the security that your advertising dollars will not be wasted.

Maat van Uitert

E-commerce Specialist

“Sally is truly a master with Facebook™ ads. I've taken a lot of courses, and they ALL had missing pieces - critical pieces. My ads started converting, and I have a rinse-and-repeat approach to running ads in any niche. My latest e-commerce venture is making over 6 figures, and we just started a few months ago with Facebook™ advertising.”

Dr. Gwen Smith, Ph.D.

Founder, Service-Based Entrepreneurs' Forum

"I've participated in tons of Facebook™ training and there always seems to be something else that could be offered to make the targeting a bit more specific and clear. Quite recently I was awed by a training Sally presented on this topic. What she provided was so clear and specific that it lifted a part of the mystery of not only targeting my ads but also in selecting the appropriate images for the design. I'm definitely putting this in place and will come back and update how it worked for my business."

Laura Rike Sura

Social Media Marketing & Pinterest Expert

“I am getting noticed more online and my conversion rates on my targeted ads are way better than what I was paying for in the past! You are an amazing supporter as well. Always helping promote me and my business, connect me with other members in your community who might benefit from what I have to offer or vise versa. It shows you care for us more than just a paycheck but that you care about our success just as much as you do your own!”

Johdi Woodford, Little Bird Pilates

Johdi has the unique situation of an in-person fitness studio in Switzerland and online products for English speakers in Europe. Not only was she able to grow her online audiences very quickly, she sold them carefully-crafted programs that fit their needs. Her personality for live videos hit the spot, so we used her ease on camera to gain advantage in the news feeds.


Start with a Clean Slate Today 

No matter your history with digital branding, business development, online courses, copywriting, or with Facebook™ advertising, we're here to help you start with a clean slate of systems and strategies customized for your ideal clients and offers in order to accelerate your results.


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